About contradictions

About contradictions

In my naive opinion, in the real world (the one made of matter, energy, space and time) there are no contradictions, in the sense that the world is what it is, and what exists cannot be considered impossibile or not existing.

Contradictions do exists only in the realm of information, in the sense that we may be confronted with contradictory sets of information.

This occurs when a set of information that clamims to describe a reality does not indeed properly describe it.

The reason for the discrepancy is usually the fact that the real world is much more complex than the map we drow of it by means of information.

So, if a discourse is contradictory, it means that some part of it is inaccurate or incomplete with respect to the reality it claims to be describing.

In other words, the contradictory discourse is too simple or fallacious.

If you see any contradiction in what I just said, you may be right, however, the portion of the world I tried to describe is not in itself contradictory. My map of it may be so.

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