Videoconferences to exchange ideas with anyone at any time

Videoconferences to exchange ideas with anyone at any time

Through the platforms Zoom, Jitsi, Skype, etc., anyone can organize free videoconferences to take place at predefined dates/hours, or accessible at any time.

To facilitate the organization of videoconferences for the exchange of ideas on philosophical or psychological topics between two or more participants, Michael M. and I have created three Zoom meetings that are always available, where anyone can enter at any time to exchange ideas with other people, in English, French or Italian, under the following conditions:

  • Participation is only open to those who wish to share and question their ideas and opinions, and ask questions for the purpose of enriching and improving their knowledge.
  • The topics covered may concern life, nature, society, mind, interpersonal relationships, human nature in general, and the human and social sciences (philosophy, psychology, neurosceinces, sociology, economics, history, etc.). No educational qualifications or special skills are required.
  • No propaganda or proselytizing is allowed for religious or spiritualist organisations, and political parties or movements.
  • One may talk about politics and religion, but only in philosophical and psychological terms, avoiding reference to current political or religious facts or events.
  • It is not permitted to compete to see who knows more or who is more erudite or more intelligent.
  • It is not permitted to make judgments about the qualities or intentions of the interlocutors (who must be respected in any case), but only about their ideas.
  • It is necessary to accept the fact that the interlocutors may have ideas, opinions and values that conflict with one’s own.

The number of participants simultaneously present is unlimited. However, when more than four are present, it is advisable to elect a moderator to give the word to those who ask for it.

Anyone can convene a meeting by announcing (e.g., through a post on his or her Facebook page or in a Facebook group of which he or she is a member) that he or she will be present online from a certain time to a certain time on a certain day, inviting anyone (even unknown persons) to attend the meeting during that time, and providing the link to connect to the meeting.

In the convocation, one can specify a particular topic for discussion, or say that any topic can be discussed, as the participants choose.

As for the web address of the meeting, you can use one of the links below, which allow video conferencing of unlimited duration.

In case there are overlapping appointments or excessive crowding, additional meetings can be created on the spot by means of Zoom, Jitsi, Skype or other platform to move any excess participants elsewhere.

For this purpose, I recommend creating, if appropriate, a new meeting by means of Jitsi (which allows video conferences of unlimited duration), using a link with the following format:

where xyz should be replaced by any sequence of characters, of any length, presumably unique.

In any case, those wishing to convene a meeting can choose to use one of the three Zoom links above, or create a custom link from the very beginning (via Jitsi or other platform).

For more information and clarification you can contact me by commenting on this post.

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